The process

Simple Three-Step Process



In-person or through email, tell me everything that you need for your new site.

Design & Optimisation

Work commences immediately: Have a super professional site in just a bit.


Need a last-minute change? We'll do it at no cost. Or sign off if all is okay!

Professional Web Design

38% of visitors will leave a website if its content and layout is badly designed. More still if the site is stale and out of fashion. Let a professional design for you.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile web browsing (phone and tablets) overtook desktop browsing in 2016. Make sure your site is optimised to impress even on small, tiny screens.


Google search is now punishing sites which do not have an appropriate SSL certificate. I automatically setup the green padlock for you depending on your security needs.

Analytics Integration

Science is measurement—and with that, the science of a website’s success is the measurement of its traffic. Track site visitors with integrated modules (such as Google Analytics) on your website.

Image Editing

Pictures don’t look good on websites by chance. I painstakingly go through every single image on Photoshop before presenting them on a website. It is, as they say, the little things.

Backend Simplification

You do not have to touch a single line of code. CSS and Javascript are not your business. And you do not even to meddle with the HTML. Once the website is passed to you, WYSIWYG.

Basic SEO

I provide basic search engine optimisation that ensure your website is friendly to search engines and that it does not violate any of search engines terms.

Social Media Optimisation

You know those little previews when you copy-paste a link to Facebook or LinkedIn? It is professional to get that sorted out so that if anyone shares your website your branding remains consistent.

Corporate Media

A new business or event with no branding or marketing collateral at all? I’ll get the ball rolling for you: brochures, namecards, email marketing template—tell me what you need.

Already have a website?

Check if it's time for an update—make sure it's not still living in the early 2010s. Drop me a line.

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